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Here follows a list of all the characters ever included in the series that have been based off actual personalities in the Mars Explorer community.
Commander Falconer - Aubrey Falconer
Lieutenant Flynn Clubbaire - flyclub
'Kruncher' - kruncher
Corporal Andrew Picard - picard
Corporal Pete Madissen - ACC_Mad (previously pocketMAD)
Captain MacDane - MacDane
'Sitfig' - Gub
'The Dude' - TheDude
Ace - _ACE_
Sven - Sv3n
Dr Forest Owens - Geek377
Captain Firestar Samoht - cdt
'Ender' - Ender
John "GT-R" Kincaid - GTR34
Dr Christian Jones - Christian4Mac
Sergeant Neil Karn - neon
Commander Nicholas - Sprawl
And some more to come - but their names are secret for now... ;)


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