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Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism.
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/06/25
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Finally, after many days of searching, desperation, and bad leads, Sitfig was sure he had the location of Frederiksen's base.
"It's past Brotos' compound. Much further North, closer to the Northern Cap." Flynn clapped his hands together.
"Great work, Sitfig," he paused, then added. "I always had a nagging feeling that Brotos had simply put himself as a barrier between us and Frederiksen. A brave man." Kruncher gave a grunt of discontent from the corner. "Not even you can truly doubt that." Kruncher rose, slowly, and approached Flynn, looming over him.
"If he isn't dead," he snarled. "Then you still have a problem on your hands."
"Let's stop this bickering, guys," Sitfig reasoned. "I'll take the X-8 - Picard, please join me. The rest of you can take the tank, and we'll -" Flynn winced.
"Kruncher..." Kruncher grinned, and leant on his rifle again. Flynn rolled his eyes.
"Talk about over-excitement. That's an unfinished prototype. It is FAR from completion." Sitfig sank. Flynn hurried to re-assure him. "But we'll have it finished soon. It's meant to have propulsor cannons." Sitfig lit up.
"Propulsor cannons?" he exclaimed. Flynn nodded.
"Indeed. But for now you and Picard can hitch a ride on the tank with up. Gather up as many weapons as possible. If you're right about this, Sitfig, this is going to be no easy run. Let's move out!"
Brotos was not dead. He had been temporarily defeated - but he had picked himself up. Fewer than ten of his men had survived the assault by Kruncher. He swivelled his wrist, signalling to his men to move out. There were a few jets in the untouched hangar bay. He called his only surviving scientist, Professor Chris Jones, to his side, and they headed downstairs to the the large glass walled area.
In fact, this was no greenhouse, as Kruncher had suspected. This was a laboratory. Professor Jones tapped in some codes, and slammed the keypad shut. Tables folded out from the floor, and the shelves inverted. It was a laboratory.
In the middle of the now glittering tiled floor, was a large black vehicle, which seemed to be a tank.
Brotos folded his arms, then he began to smile. He looked to Professor Jones.
"You have done well, Professor." Jones nodded, without smiling.
"When shall we put it into production?" he asked. Brotos narrowed his eyes.
Flynn's tank rolled out, leaving a dusty carmine trail in its wake. Flynn piloted the great war machine, guiding us across valleys, up towards the Tnassa Mountains.
"Flynn," Kruncher looked worried. "I hope Brotos has abandoned that base." Flynn turned to him, puzzled.
"Why would that be a problem?" Kruncher hung his head.
"I do not mean to sound like a coward, but that fight seriously injured me, and I doubt I could go through another one, and then continue to fight Frederiksen's men. You might lose me, old friend."
Flynn started.
"No we won't!"  he gasped in horror. He calmed himself then pointed at Kruncher. "You can stay in the tank." Kruncher laughed heartily, but with much effort.
"No, I just can't afford to fight Brotos again." Then an idea came to his mind. "Why not try and bypass that base?" Picard nodded in agreement.
"I'll set up the new route," Picard added.
The tank glided softly over the valley, this time heading to the North-East to avoid Brotos' base. We had a clear view of it, however, and when we rose over the dunes, and caught sight of it, we were shocked to find that it was burning. Kruncher pressed his face to the side window, as the tank cruised past the ruins.
"No..." he shook his head slowly. A single black tank lay in the wreckage. Kruncher observed it casually. Flynn, on the other hand, when he spotted it, jerked the throttle forward and spun the wheel. The tank veered to the right, and threw the crew off balance.
"Everybody strap in!" Flynn cried. "I'm going to use the prototype boosters!" Pete looked horrified.
"BUT THEY'RE PROTOTYPES!" he bellowed. The booster engines let out two jets of blue flame.
The ship lurched forward, and careered across the Martian Desert. I looked out from the back visor-window, and I could just make out the black tank as it began to mobilise.
Suddenly it throttled forward, and made towards us at an alarming rate.
"FLYNN!" I roared. "We have a problem!" The black tank was closing in on us with astonishing ease. When it was within a mile's range, two cannons deployed from the sides.
"It's packing Synthetium!" Sitfig cried. It was closing in so quickly, and I was startled by its stunning velocity.
When it was within twenty metres of our tank, I expected it to fire. However, what then occured was the most shocking thing I may have ever seen while I was on the Red Planet. Cogs in its mechanism shifted, and it spun around like a drill. It then folded in on itself, and folded out from another angle. The tank had just transformed into a jet.
"What?" Picard exclaimed incredulously, eyes wide. All of a sudden, Kruncher stood, and rummaged for a Drakonium cannon in the weapons stockpile.
"Kruncher, what are you doing?" Flynn asked. Kruncher smirked.
"I'm ending this chase." Kruncher punched open the roof door, and clambered out, hauling up the colossal Drakonium cannon. The black jet was charging up its Synthetium charge. Kruncher narrowed his eyes, and focused down the scope. He trained the launcher directly on one of the Synthetium cannons. He grinned.
"See ya later, boys." A rufescent charge erupted from the launcher, and barrelled towards the almost charged Synthetium cannon.
The impact was huge. The black jet whirled backwards, and flipped over itself many times.
A cloud of ominous smoke obscured it, as it fireballed down into the deep valley.
But it had let one Synthetium charge loose, The black sphere thundered down behind the tank. Kruncher threw his launcher down and leapt back into the tank, just having time to slam shut the hatch.
The tank was catapulted into the air, and the crew were thrown from their seats. The tank spiralled through the atmosphere, then its trajectory curved, and it rocketed towards the ground.
"BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Flynn bellowed. The ground rushed up to meet us. I lost consciousness on collision with the burgundy earth.

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11 hours - 775v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 1:10 GMT
I have been waiting for another one of these stories for awhile now. I am not disapointed :)
Keep up the good work, and know that people still enjoy reading these even though they are to noobish to comment.

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