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What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/06/23
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THOSE THAT ROAM I: We Haven't Finished Yet
"I can regain contact with the nearest satellite." Forest's voice was quiet, but he was sure of it.
Falconer looked up at Forest. He was a sad man, now, simply observing as this youngling seemed to sweep IASA out from under his feet. Oh, how arrogant and superior he acted...Falconer looked on in disgust. It was indeed good that Forest Owens could regain contact with the satellite - the sooner he did so, the sooner Falconer could begin running operations, and begin to move Owens out of IASA for good.
"Aubrey, you don't look good..." Firestar's voice came from beside him.
"What?" Aubrey snapped apprehensively. "I'm fine. Just fine." But this was a lie. Ever since the Satellite incident the previous day, he had been feeling dizzy, and nauseous. He threw a glance at Firestar, who was looking at him doubtfully.
"Aubrey, it's getting late. Just take a -"
"I am FINE, Captain." But the more he continued this facade, the worse he began to feel. He began to lean forward, feeling himself losing balance.
"Aubrey?" By now, even Owens had ceased talking, and had turned his attention to Falconer.
"Commander Falconer?"
"You...self-righteous..." Falconer suddenly let out a burst of air, and toppled from his chair, onto his back. The staff rushed to his side.
"AUBREY!" Firestar knelt over him. His blurred visage was barely visible, but Aubrey did not want to see it, so shut his eyes, and gritted his teeth. He heard Owens calling for the medical team. Then he passed out.
So the great Commander Aubrey Falconer was hospitalised, having suffered a severe panic attack. It was a sad day for IASA. The misunderstood Forest Owens did indeed grieve, contrary to the belief of many. IASA was left without a Leader.
So the re-promoted Captain MacDane got a message to Saito, in Japan, where Commander Richardson was having some time off. When he received the message, he was shocked, angry, yet also sympathetic - it was the sympathy that made him come back. He was on a plane in mere moments, and was on his way to Florida.
When Richardson entered the IASA complex, it was as if a King had entered the room. The staff almost bowed down to him - he was a legend, just like Falconer. But no man was as Legendary as Commander Rupert Nicholas of the United Kingdom - the man who had sacrificed himself to save the entire First Mars Expedition. He was revered as a true hero.
However, Richardson and Falconer were the next closest to Nicholas, and were both revered greatly. Only Richardson now walked the aisle down to the Operations Hall, but IASA was better off with one than none.
"Give me a report on the Satellite crisis, Captain!"
"Every single satellite was disconnected from the system two days ago, sir." Although Richardson was well aware of this, he put on a good show of shock. There were many discussions, meetings, and other long, drawn-out processes to follow.
So as Richardson and Firestar began to co-operate fully on re-organising IASA after the Satellite Crisis, Forest arrived at the Complex.
"Ah, Dr Owens." Forest looked up sharply.
"Doctor now? It's been a while since anyone has given me some respect. I'm glad you've noticed." MacDane shrugged.
"It's nothing."
"It's everything, Captain." MacDane cocked his head to one side, then began to walk slowly down the aisle with Forest. "Do you get something out of me calling you Captain? Because when someone addresses me as Dr Owens - or even better, Dr Forest Owens - I really get something. I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's a feeling of power. Or perhaps it reassures me. Whatever it is - I shall never know - I feel great." MacDane paused.
"I...I guess so." Forest stopped, and turned to Captain MacDane.
"Captain, we have work to do. We have to work on getting those satellites back up. I can organise a good team - you, on the other hand, should find Firestar and begin mapping out Mars." MacDane moved in closer.
"What?" Owens moved in even closer, lowering his voice.
"Map out Mars. Same landing site." MacDane's eyes widened.
"You can't do that! Falconer will -"
"It doesn't matter. It is imperative that we -"
"Captain MacDane! Get back to work and stop chatting with the staff." Richardson emerged from the Operations Room, looking very determined. Forest stepped out, furious, from behind MacDane.
"Commander Richardson, I am no member...of staff..." Forest trailed off, stepping back.
"I see - you must be Dr Owens."
"Yes..." Forest blinked, then shook his head, and held out his hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you."
"And you, Doctor." Richardson then turned his attention to the Demeter Six crew.
Forest pulled MacDane away.
"That's...that's Richardson?"
MacDane frowned.
"It is. Why?" Forest was deep in thought, his brow furrowed. He shook his head slowly.
"I felt strange when I saw him. I felt as if...something were not right...something isn't." MacDane looked puzzled, but Forest turned, and slowly walked back up the aisle.

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